The business case for providing reasonable adjustments

The business case for providing reasonable adjustments

Most employers recognise that providing a workplace that is accessible for all, based on respect and equality, benefits both their employees and their business. Providing adjustments for neurodiverse  staff will undoubtedly also benefit everyone in the workplace, therefore encouraging individual employees to succeed which in turn enables the business to succeed.

Providing reasonable adjustments:

  • enables all employees to flourish;

  • leads to happier, more content employees, who are more productive;

  • results in less absenteeism;

  • enables employees to succeed and realise their potential, so the employers’ return on investment (the investment made in the employee) is maximised;

  • lowers the likelihood of expensive litigation;

  • enhances the reputation of the organisation;

  • improves the ‘bottom line’.

Where employers recognise and value their neurodiverse employees, they appreciate that people who think differently bring value to the organisation.