How Prospect can help you

How we can help you

Prospect is committed to helping you get ahead in your career and life, whether you are actively seeking new opportunities or coping with enforced change such as reorganisation or redundancy.

The union promotes lifelong learning and is here to support you in acquiring new skills and improving existing ones to widen your career opportunities and development.

We provide support in the form of face-to-face intervention, online, via the telephone or in group sessions. These services are delivered by both Prospect and external providers.

Our learning and skills project team is always looking for innovative ways to provide learning and development opportunities.

One way of doing this is by training and supporting union learning representatives – members specially trained to promote learning and skills development across the union’s diverse membership profile.

We have trained more than 150 members across a range of sectors to be union learning representatives. To find your local Prospect union learning rep, please contact lifelong learning officer Rachel Bennett on

Our full-time negotiators also work constantly to ensure members are able to access timely and effective training and career development opportunities in their workplaces.

All our union reps are encouraged to focus on skills and training when bargaining, and we provide them with a range of resources and support to do so.

We also represent members’ interests on a number of sector skills councils, which are employer-led bodies that aim to boost the skills of their workforces and improve learning supply.