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Reps Part 1 (key skills)

Reps Part 1 (key skills)

Venue: New Prospect House – London

Date: 3-Sep-2019

Availability: Applications closed

Please note: This course is now full and closed to applications. The next course will take place on 5 November at NPH, Waterloo.

Reps Part 1: key skills for union reps

This course is designed to welcome you as a Prospect representative and introduce you to the role of a union rep and the skills needed to carry it out. No previous knowledge is needed. You will find the course relaxed and informal but very effective in supporting you in your new role.

Who should attend this course?
Any Prospect member who is a union representative of any kind will find this course useful - including branch reps, safety reps, learning reps and equality reps. It is also useful for local branch officers.
The course is for staff members or any reps who have a structured work environment and where the union seeks to organise.
Our aims are to welcome you to Prospect, help you understand what the union stands for and tries to achieve - and critically to have a clear idea of your place in that. We will help you to be an effective and confident union rep able to support members, build good relationships at work and build a stronger union organisation at local level.
The training will be very informal and there is no pressure on anyone to do anything they are not comfortable with. There are few lectures but plenty of discussion and focused problem solving, as these are the most effective methods in adult learning
• Know a what a trade union is and how to sell membership
• Know your rights as a rep
• Know the role of a rep
• Know the structure of Prospect
• Know how the union can influence the workplace

It is a 1-day course, which usually runs from 10:00 until 17:00.
After successfully completing this course you may wish to consider progressing to Reps Part 2 (handling cases).