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Course - Helping and Advising People at Work

Helping and Advising People at Work

This course aims to give you the knowledge and skills to deal with members' queries in the workplace, providing them with basic advice (up to but not including representation in formal procedures). It includes:
· techniques for finding out what members really want
· giving information and basic advice
· signposting members to other sources of help when appropriate.

Helping members to help themselves is also a key aspect of the course.

The course is suitable for:

· existing Prospect reps who want to feel more confident advising members on day-to-day issues at work; or

· Prospect members who would like to support the union by helping colleagues.

If you have already completed Handling Personal Cases (Prospect) or Handling Cases (Connect) you do not need to attend this course.

It is a 1-day non-residential course which usually runs from 10:30 until 16:45.

After successfully completing this course you may wish to consider progressing to:

· Handling Cases in your Workplace

There are currently no dates scheduled for this course.