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Good work

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Man assessing choices of things to doGood work

Good health, good performance, good business

Prospect works constructively with employers for workplaces that match these good work standards.

In many workplaces, change is the only constant.

We help ensure that you have an effective voice at the highest levels so that your concerns and interests are heard and addressed.

Does your work tick all the boxes?

Campaign resources

Fair Work agreement for Scotland's civil servants   info
Prospect hails Fair Work agreement for Scottish Government civil servants

Consultation - Improving Lives Green Paper Work Health & Disability   info
Circular inviting contributions to consultation on Work Health & Disability

Valuing my performance - Handbook for Civil Service members   info
Performance management handbook for Civil Service sector members to help promote fair recognition and appraisal and challenge unfair awards. May be used in CS Sector recruitment.

Employee voice vital to good work   info
Employee voice vital to good work, Sue Ferns tells #talkprospect National Grid event

Close gender pay gap to address skills shortages   info
Close gender pay gap to address skills shortages, says Prospect

Warm reception for Prospect at Civil Service Live   info
Warm reception for Prospect at Civil Service Live

Scottish “fair work” vision emphasises importance of collective bargaining   info
Scottish vision for “fair work” emphasises importance of collective bargaining

Neurodiversity presentation   info
Presentation by Garry Fitzgibbon on Neurodiversity

The HR leadership challenge: an ethical approach   info
The human resources leadership challenge: an ethical approach

Call for ethical charter for HR leaders   info
Call for ethical charter to empower human resources leaders

Call for ethical charter to empower human resources leaders   info

Prospect unveils Manifesto for Good Work   info
Politicians urged to act on Prospect’s Manifesto for Good Work

Raising our sights: good work in a fairer and stronger economy   info
Our six key components of good work are: Secure, interesting, fulfilling jobs; a culture based on trust and fairness; choice and control over hours; reward and effort in balance; degree of control over pace of work and environment; employee voice.