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Prospect has created a website forum for members that provides advice, information and guidance on the possible impact of independence on their working lives and for those who want to join the debate about the referendum. 

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Responses to questions from campaign groups

Author: Anne Douglas Created: 12 May 2014

We have today published the responses to the questions which the Scotland Committee and its working groups drew up earlier this year.

You can find the responses by clicking each of the following links: Better Together and Yes Scotland. We are aware that one of the groups of questions has been inadvertently omitted from one of the groups, and we will publish this as soon as we receive it. [Edit 14 May - this has now been received: see below.]

Pensions issues

Author: Calvin Allen Created: 25 April 2014

The UK Government has just published its thoughts and analysis of the implications of the debate on Scotland's independence for work (also including social security) and pensions. This is part of its continuing Scotland Analysis series and this particular paper can be found here.

You can also find the Scottish Government's paper on Pensions in an Independent Scotland.

Energy policy

Author: Calvin Allen Created: 09 April 2014

The Scottish Government has this week published a document on energy policy and Scotland's contribution to security of supply. The UK Government has also this week published its own document on Energy, as part of its Scotland Analysis series.

We should probably resist seeing the one as a response to the other, not least given the timings (although it is certainly possible that earlier drafts had been exchanged between the respective authors).

The one document talks of the benefits of a UK-wide single energy market while the other speaks of investment failures: two essential points in the contemporary (and clearly much wider) debate on how we view, and rely on, markets to resolve issues of delivery.

We will be putting the links directly in our 'Key resources for the debate' section but wanted to highlight them to members here, too.

Another referendum on 18 September!

Author: David Smith Simpson Created: 27 March 2014

On the news last night: that hallowed bastion of mysogeny, the Royal and Ancient Golf  Club, is to ballot its members on whether to allow women to join its ranks - with a committee recommendation to vote yes! 

Jings, crivens, help ma boab, who'd have thought it?

Questions to referendum campaign groups

Author: Calvin Allen Created: 24 March 2014

Prospect has today published the questions which its working groups have drawn up to put to the two campaigns. You can check the questions that we're asking on the working groups page or else here.

Representatives of both campaigns have been invited to the meeting of Prospect's Scotland Committee on 2 May to meet reps and discuss their answers further.

Not all the questions which the working groups have identified could of course be incorporated into the final set, not least for reasons of presentation and coherence of the answers, so we have limited the number to three or four. Members' questions are many and all indeed remain valid - the working groups page contains the full lists for each one.

Do have a look and, if there's a question that you have and you can't see there, why not raise it here?

National institutions

Author: Graeme A Walker Created: 20 February 2014


Has there been any thought on what might happen to the UK's national collections should Scotland decide to leave?

Will a Scotlands atrifacts be returned to Scotland?

Will Elgin see the Elgin marbles?


Prospect itself

Author: Sandra Elizabeth Owsnett Created: 10 February 2014

What would happen to Prospect itself and our membership, if the outcome of the referendum was Yes and Scotland became independent? 

Would Prospect be separated into two difference unions?

Would Prospect members who are in Scotland need to find another Scottish based union?

Welcome, and guidelines for use of the forum!

Author: Calvin Allen Created: 05 February 2014

Hello everyone.

Just to introduce myself: I'm Calvin Allen, a Prospect full-timer and the forum moderator.

Most online forums have usage rules and this one is no different, so please be responsible enough to ensure that your contributions observe appropriate online etiquette as regards the rights and positions of others. Additionally, Prospect continues to believe that which way our members vote in the referendum is a matter for them as private citizens. We do want to act as a channel of information to members which helps them make up their minds as regards what independence might mean to them as workers, but there is a clear dividing line between that and proselytising a particular stance in favour of one camp or the other, and we would be grateful if members observe that when using the forum.

Do note that all contributions to the forum are actively moderated and we do have the right to delete or edit posts that contravene the rules of online etiquette and impartiality. We're not expecting to have to be heavy-handed in exercising our judgment in this, but we do reserve the right to preserve good norms of online behaviour, as well as Prospect's good name.

Depending on a number of things, your contributions will not appear immediately as a result of them being moderated, but we will get around to them as quickly as we can. Evidently, posts made outside normal office hours are unlikely to appear until the next working day.


Pleased with Prospect's stance

Author: James Muir Thomson Created: 04 February 2014

Thanks for recognising that this will be an interesting time for all of your members based here in Scotland.

Thanks also for adopting a neutral stance on the issue with the aim of helping members access relevant, and hopefully accurate, information, analysis and data relating to the journey on which we find ourselves.

If this forum can avoid the pitfalls of the more rabid and antagonistic responses that appear in debates elsewhere, that will be an achievement worthy of note.

My own position is fimly in the YES camp, and I hope to be able to contribute to informed debate and also continue learning about issues as they are aired.  Those of you who know me will recognise that I'm no novice when it comes to asking the naive question :-)

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