Scottish referendum

Scottiosh Referendum

The debate about Scotland's future

The referendum on Scotland's independence will be held on 18 September 2014. This is a vitally important referendum. It will shape the lives of Prospect members – not just those living and working in Scotland but in the rest of the UK, because the UK's own constitutional future will be influenced by the outcome of this question.

Prospect has a neutral stance on how members should vote in the referendum. Most importantly, we will be there for members, however Scotland decides, to represent, influence and negotiate on their behalf.

We believe members should have access to as much information as possible about the issues in the referendum that affect them as workers so that, when they vote, they can take account of these aspects, too.

We have set up a Scotland Committee whose role is to fill these aims and so these pages aim, firstly, to present the Committee and its work to Prospect members; and, secondly, to point them in the way of key documents as the debate on the referendum develops. We have also set up a forum where members can debate these issues among themselves.

Panel discussion at national conference

Prospect National Conference 2014 – Scottish Referendum debate from Prospect Union on Vimeo.

At our national conference in Glasgow on 20 May we hosted a special discussion about the Scottish referendum, with speakers representing both sides of the debate: Nicola Sturgeon speaking on behalf of the SNP and Anas Sarwar for the Scottish Labour party. Some of our delegates posted their comments about the discussion to our conference blog - see below.

Conference blog

Campaign documents

There are no documents in the library as yet