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CutStop resources and links

Prospect has produced a range of resources you can use for campaigning against the cuts.

Key links - find out who your MP is, arrange a meeting or write to them, and also keep tabs on when they speak and how they vote.

False Economy, supported by the TUC, is for everybody concerned about the impact of the government's spending cuts on their community, their family or their job. It includes a comprehensive list of events.

STUC better way campaign logoThere is a Better Way, supported by the Scottish TUC, focuses on cuts campaigning across Scotland. Catch up with activities, events and key issues.

CASE logoThe Campaign for Science & Engineering is the leading advocate for science and engineering in the UK. It runs the Science is Vital campaign for investment in science and engineering skills.

Touchstone is touchstone blog banneran informal TUC blog about policy issues in the news. It includes a Cuts Watch feature trying to list all the spending cuts flowing from this government's policy of reducing the deficit.

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Cutstop campaign resources

Leaflet/booklet: Is this the lightest green government ever?   info
This leaflet explains why the government's cavalier disregard for expert advice on the environment and green investment undermines its claim to be "the greenest government ever".

Leaflet/booklet: I'm Not A Number... I'm an air traffic controller   info
Part of the I'm Not A Number campaign – Air traffic controllers, like Paul Upton, are trained and monitored from the day they start service. From spatial awareness to problem-solving, they need a unique blend of skills to keep our skies safe.

Leaflet/booklet: I'm Not A Number... I'm a microbiologist   info
Part of the I'm Not A Number campaign – It takes years of training to become a qualified microbiologist like Dave Roberts. His work enhances our understanding of biodiversity and some of the smallest living organisms on our planet

Leaflet/booklet: I'm Not A Number... I'm a forensic scientist   info
Part of the I'm Not A Number campaign – Detailed analytical expertise is vital to convict the guilty and exonerate the innocent. As a forensic biologist, Suzanne Armitage is a key member of a team that has helped secure convictions in many high-profile criminal cases

Leaflet/booklet: I'm Not A Number... I'm a particle physicist   info
Part of the I'm Not A Number campaign – Particle physics sounds theoretical - but it has huge practical application. Peter Williams is one of a breed of UK scientists bringing valuable new technologies to industry and our health service

Leaflet/booklet: I'm Not A Number... I'm a defence scientist   info
Part of the I'm Not A Number campaign – Modern technology has tranformed the way our armed forces are equipped and operate. Without state-of-the-art support from scientists like Darren Coe, the UK would lose its leading edge in the field

Leaflet/booklet: I'm Not A Number... I'm a defence engineer   info
Part of the I'm Not A Number campaign – It takes years of training to become a qualified defence engineer like Robert Wood. His skills and experience ensure the equipment used by our front line forces can meet the demands of modern warfare.

Leaflet/booklet: I'm Not A Number... I'm a climate scientist   info
Part of the I'm Not A Number campaign – Sue Benham is an expert in applied environmental science. Tackling climate change – and reducing CO2 emissions – is one of the biggest challenges we face. The UK’s climate scientists play a vital role in monitoring change and seeking solutions

Profile: Profile, FebruaryMarch 2011   info
Contents include: "I'm not a number" - Prospect's campaign to defend professional jobs (p3); CutStop campaign (p14) plus cuts updates on UK justice, defence, energy, forestry and science; CPI switch will cut pensions by 15% (p5); new range of members' services being launched (16).

Submission: Prospect submission to HoC DC - The SDSR and the NSS   info
Prospect's submission to the House of Commons Defence Committee inquiry into the SDSR and NSS.

Knowledge Document: Public Bodies Bill, briefing   info
Document outlining why Prospect is opposed to the Public Bodies Bill

Generic campaign resources

Briefing: Meeting or writing to your MP: briefing note   info
Practical guidance on how to write to your MP or meet them at their local surgery: hints and tips on letter writing; preparing for a meeting; what to do when you get there; what follow-up action you should take.

Rep's guide: Lobbying parliament   info
Government policies have a huge impact on people at work. From employment law to energy policy, every Prospect member is affected by political decisions in one way or another. If you're campaigning for a change of policy, this guide explains how to use the parliamentary process to assist your cause. (Rep's guide no. 3)

Leaflet/booklet: How to lobby your MP   info
Brief notes on how to lobby your MP at the House of Commons.

Template: Generic model letter to MPs   info
A model letter inviting your MP to meet you at the House of Commons during a parliamentary lobby.

Rep's guide: Campaign guide   info
On the campaign trail: Prospect's guide to campaigning: planning, taking action, lobbying, winning outside support, dealing with the media, campaign kit and resources.