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The impact of the government's cuts is sinking in - and Prospect members in both the public and private sectors are being hard hit, with jobs, pay, pensions and much more under attack. These unfair cuts will also hurt service users and communities up and down the UK.

Here you can see where the cuts are falling, find out about our national and local campaigns, see what other organisations are doing and download campaign resources


Latest CutStop news

Put families, jobs and growth first, TUC rally tells Osborne

Prospect members and staff joined a TUC rally in Westminster on Wednesday – a week before the budget – to tell the government to put an end to austerity, support working families and promote growth and jobs.

MPs criticise DWP’s role in fitness to work tests

A parliamentary committee has blamed the Department for Work and Pensions for most of the problems over testing of benefit claimants on their fitness to work.

New funding structure needed for Insolvency Service, MPs say

Under-resourcing is risking undermining stakeholder confidence in the work of Insolvency Service, a Commons select committee has warned.