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Illustration of the importance of pension savings

Calling all millennials – why pensions should matter to you

It’s time to start caring about your pension. You might think that this is not the time to start planning for retirement, but let me outline why it’s important for you, as a young professional, to be enrolled in your workplace pension scheme and engaged with your pension savings.

Public sector pay back in the spotlight ahead of the budget

The Chancellor needs to provide clarity and set out clear proposals on pay for the civil service and the wider public sector as part of the budget. Civil servants can be forgiven for being cynical as to what the government’s position is on pay. Carefully crafted statements seem designed to...

Prospect BAME event 2017

Prospect showcases our rich talent for Black History Month

Prospect celebrated Black History Month in October, which is something we have done every year for a while now.

Staff at Met Office campaigning for equal pay

Unions fight for equal pay

On Equal Pay Day we recognise the sad truth of the persistent gender pay gap, but we should also celebrate the work of unions in achieving greater equality.

Academies newspaper clippings

Will failing academies pave the way for greater local authority involvement?

The issue of the merits of local authority oversight versus ministers’ favoured approach, which sees charitable trusts running schools subject to monitoring by central government, is back in the spotlight after a major academy chain failed.