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Reporting gender pay gap figures needs to be start of the process, not the end

The deadline has passed and the results are in. The UK’s most comprehensive attempt yet to understand pay inequality has resulted in thousands of UK employers across the public and private sector publishing their gender pay gap figures. But what does the data tell us, and what do the next...

Employees at BT Computer Centre Reigate in 1990, shows high proportion of women

Time to get ahead on equal access to careers

Prospect is working closely with others to increase the flow of new women and returners into STEM careers, including at BT, says the union’s president Denise McGuire

Ministry of Defence sign

The squeeze on defence spending (long read)

Following years of neglect, debate about the defence budget is rising to the top of government concerns. Those leading the charge have very different personalities. Defence secretary Gavin Williamson, of tarantula fame, is an abrasive figure, willing to court the press to push his department into the headlines. As one...

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Why it can pay to pay into a pension

The vast majority of employers Prospect deals with have a long history of offering excellent quality pension schemes to their employees. The relatively small number who never previously did so, have been caught up by a relatively new legal duty to enrol employees into a pension scheme and contribute to...

EU referendum

With a year to go, it's time for some answers on Brexit

Throughout the Brexit process the formal negotiations have been accompanied by a rhetorical to and fro between London and Brussels that has often generated headlines, but rarely shed any light the serious questions facing the country. In a crowded field, Michael Howard threatening war with Spain over Gibraltar stands out...