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Pension equality for same sex couples?

A landmark ruling by the Supreme Court on 12 July found in favour of a businessman who argued for equal pension benefits for his husband.


More about cashing in pension benefits (or not!)

I wrote earlier in the year about the issue of cashing in final salary pension benefits and there have been some developments since then that are worth catching up on.

Young union activists training in Cyprus

Young workers look to the future

Gary Best, one of Prospect’s young professionals, feels optimistic about the future for unions after attending a training course with young workers from across Europe

chimney and pylons at Sellafield nuclear site

Why it’s time for a New Deal for UK Nuclear

UK nuclear is at a crossroads. On the one hand it faces immense challenges in the form of Brexit, concerns over new build, a lack of leadership from government and a potentially serious skills shortfall. On the other hand, there are huge economic opportunities – if we can seize them. ...

Campaigners for marriage equality in Northern Ireland

Marching for marriage equality in Northern Ireland

On Saturday I will be marching with other Prospect members through Belfast city centre to demand marriage equality in Northern Ireland.