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TUC disabled conf 2017 delegation

Disability conference – inspiring, uplifting and upsetting

Leona Atkins, a software developer at the Met Office, reports back from her first TUC disability conference

football kids in red

Defined Benefit Pensions - collectively agreed changes to accrued rights?

Prospect has just responded to the Department for Work and Pensions’ consultation on Security and Sustainability of Defined Benefit Pension Schemes.

Pylons at Sellafield nuclear site

Election: we need to talk about nuclear power

A perfect storm is casting a shadow over the nuclear industry, yet the issue remains largely ignored in the general election. Given the scale of challenges facing the UK with Brexit, renewing our energy infrastructure and meeting our climate targets, this is worrying. It is also why our politicians need...

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Government help for the Bank of Mum and Dad?

If all the support that parents gave their children in getting on the property ladder was added together, the "Bank of Mum and Dad" (let's call it BoMaD) would be equivalent to the ninth biggest property lender in the country.

Prospect delegates at TUB black workers' conference

My first TUC black workers’ conference – Brexit and other challenges

Haroon Majid of Prospect’s Defence Equipment and Support branch gives his impressions as an observer at the TUC black workers’ conference in London on April 7-9.