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Stack of pension coins declining in size

Is there a third way for private sector pensions?

Prospect’s pension policy can largely be summarised as fighting to defend defined benefit (DB) pensions for members who have them and campaigning to improve the quality of the defined contribution (DC) pension schemes that are generally available to other members.

EU referendum

Immigration policy must focus on economic success and public good

The UK’s future migration regime must ensure continued access to the skills needed for economic success and public good – and not focus on erecting barriers to free movement.

Onshore wind

Onshore wind must be part of the solution to achieve net zero by 2050

The decision by the government this week to enshrine the target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 in UK law is one we should all welcome.

Green Energy

Why the climate crisis is also a jobs crisis

Protestors on the streets of London, Greta Thunberg, and the UK’s Committee on Climate Change (CCC) are all reminding us of one thing: time is running perilously short to take action on climate change.

A man and woman check documents and make calculations

Pension equality?

A legal challenge to the way the Government changed the pension age for women starts today (June 5).