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Help for Prospect members with pension tax issues

The pension tax relief system is very complicated (complicated enough to generate more previous pension blogs than any other issue!).


UK needs to lift ambition on science

Britain is a world-leader on research and innovation.  From scientific excellence to business R&D, we have inquisitiveness in our DNA. Government leadership, however, has not always matched this endeavour.  So, at a time when Brexit is casting a shadow of uncertainty over the British economy, already held back by decades...

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A sustainable future for UK energy

On 30 November leading industry and political figures joined Prospect representatives from across the energy industry for the Parliamentary launch of our new pamphlet ‘A sustainable future for UK energy’.

Academies Show 2017

Academies Show 2017: an education professional’s view

The annual Academies Show was held in Birmingham in November and gave more than 3,000 attendees the chance to listen to a line-up of more than 100 leaders in the sector.

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Why pensions should matter to all millennials

It’s time to start caring about your pension. You might think that this is not the time to start planning for retirement, but let me outline why it’s important for you, as a young professional, to be enrolled in your workplace pension scheme and engaged with your pension savings.