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I'm worth more than one per cent

A decent pay rise for my members would be good for our environment

The government should show – both in word and in deed – that it values the people who will have to deliver its 25-year environment plan, says David Tarttelin, president of Prospect’s Environment Agency branch.

Union rep's dedication to helping colleagues at work

When Pete Pearson faced problems at work, it was his union that steered him through them. His experiences inspired him to become a rep himself.

No space for compromises in aviation safety

The UK’s airspace is full and our airports are at capacity. But the solution does not lie in more free-market models and cut-price competition. Prospect’s manifesto sets out what a post-Brexit aviation industry should look like

This Workers’ Memorial Day, remember: unionised workplaces are safer and healthier

Saturday is Workers’ Memorial Day, a day to commemorate those who have died or been injured at work and to fight for improved laws, enforcement and working conditions to make sure that these tragedies are never repeated.

Why Prospect is uniquely placed to face the digital future

Developments in digitisation, data and connectivity, evolving consumer preferences and disruptive corporate strategies will transform the environment in which many Prospect members work, says Philippa Childs.