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Employees meditating during their well-being hour

Welsh government members reap benefits of well-being hour

Welsh government workers describe how they are using their dedicated hour of well-being each week which was negotiated by Prospect.

Prospect general secretary Mike Clancy

How to communicate what unions really do

Being asked what you do for a living is, for a trade unionist, an opportunity and a challenge. It’s most fascinating when it arises in social situations where the person asking the question may have their own superficial but often well-established view of unions.

British people don’t like to talk about money – or at least, not their own money

In Sweden, where the average gender pay gap is only 6%, the right to know what anyone earns is enshrined in the country’s constitution.

A brief history of pay, prices and profits in the UK’s energy networks

Dividends for shareholders in the UK’s energy network companies have been much higher than regulator Ofgem expected – but pay has declined

Managing change for neurodiverse workers

Organisational change can be difficult for anyone, but poses particular challenges for people with neurodiverse characteristics.