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Pride Cumbria

Promoting Prospect, equality and diversity in Cumbria

Prospect and the local community came together to support and celebrate the LGBT+ community at Cumbria Pride in Carlisle on Saturday 16 September.


Government aspirations for science after Brexit must be matched by effective action

Today’s Government position paper on science should be a watershed moment for the UK. Never has science and innovation been more important to our nation’s future. Even without Brexit, the changing nature of technology, an emerging new economy and global constraints on natural resources made science key to our future...

Stack of pension coins declining in size

Is State Pension Age changing?

When is an increase in State Pension Age not an increase in State Pension Age? When it is announced by a Government that doesn’t have a majority.

Brexit Scrabble

What could Brexit mean for your pension?

Brexit will impact us in many different ways but will it have a significant impact on our pensions in retirement?

earth and ocean

Studying the Scottish seas to understand global climate change

Sarah Hughes is part-time assistant branch secretary, Scottish Government branch and part-time oceanographer at Marine Scotland.