Legal successes show why Prospect is good for you

Legal successes show why Prospect is good for you

Union Week seems like a good moment to look back at some of the union’s key cases and results in the past year

This week our reps will be doubling their efforts to ‘Talk Prospect’, encouraging non-members to join and spreading the word about the benefits of union membership.

One of the key questions that will be asked this week is “Why should I join a union?”.

There are so many answers, including:

  • you will benefit from the union advantage which shows unionised workplaces have better pay, terms and conditions
  • by joining your colleagues, you have a collective voice to make a difference at work
  • the union lobbies and campaigns on matters which are important to you
  • to benefit from workplace and legal assistance when things go wrong.

Having protection at work is often cited as a reason to join – here are some highlights from the union’s legal work over the past year.

Prospect legal wins – the year in numbers:

£3.5+ million recovered in damages for personal injury claims

£900,000+ received by members as a result of settlement of their tribunal case

£52,000 compensation received by one member for a successful sex discrimination case, when she was dismissed for not being able to work full time

900 members received legal advice through our solicitor’s helpline for non-work issues

100s of union reps trained on the General Data Protection Regulation

167 new cases for personal injury considered by our lawyers

76 members at the Met Office received payments in respect of their tribunal claim for equal pay

29 new employment tribunal cases

20% the threshold met to win a welfare benefit tribunal for industrial injuries disablement benefit

6 claims to the tribunal for harassment under the Equality Act, two racial and four sexual harassment

5 successful applications for union recognition through the Central Arbitration Committee

4 health and safety inspectors were witnesses to support an ex-colleague in a successful tribunal claim for unfair dismissal

4 submissions to government on improving the law on employment status, transparency in the labour market, enforcement of tribunal decisions and agency workers

3 members settle in full their tribunal claims for redundancy payments following the end of their fixed term contracts

2 tribunal applications were needed to successfully settle a member’s claim for disability discrimination

1 member won a claim for sex discrimination and victimisation after raising concerns of unequal pay

1 appearance in front of the Women and Equalities Select Committee to give evidence on non-disclosure agreements and sexual harassment in the workplace

1 successful tribunal claim of pregnancy discrimination against the British Museum

1 judgment in the Supreme Court improves the law on indirect discrimination on race and religion (well this one was actually 18 months ago, but so important that it’s worth adding to the list!).

Please share this blog with your colleagues. If you know any non-members, why not ask them to join us?

Marion Scovell

Marion Scovell


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