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Pride In Coming Out

Pride In Coming Out

As we prepare for Belfast Pride march on August 4th, we will never lose sight of the fact that Pride is a protest – a protest against the issues of LGBT+ poverty, hate crime, bullying in schools, treatment of LGBT+ asylum seekers, lack of funding for LGBT+ healthcare and a complete lack of action on Northern Ireland’s outdated LGBT+ laws.

As well as a protest, Pride is also a beautiful expression of strength. A loud shout that we as an LGBT+ community, supported by our allies will never be forced to hide our true selves again.

Pride is a celebration of ‘coming out’, so when we see the joyous faces at Pride, it is not because the LGBT+ struggle is over it is because we are free to ‘come out’ and we are free to love who we love. Coming out is a powerful act which is healthy, liberating, empowering of others, political and culturally enriching with Audre Lorde, Chelsea Manning, Angela Davis and groups like Lesbians & Gays Support The Migrants making history.

Coming out begins our own story and for those who cannot come out yet – be strong, know that you are never alone and know that on the other side of your coming out journey – we stand in complete solidarity with you.

Prospect will be marching alongside members and friends at Belfast Pride on Saturday 4 August.

Please join us. Meeting at Custom House Square, just outside McHughs bar at 12.15 and starting the march at 13:00. For more information please contact Claire Mullaly (




Claire Mullaly

Claire Mullaly


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