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What does sexual harassment look like in your workplace?

What does sexual harassment look like in your workplace?

  • 14 February 2018 15:41

”I asked them to take down the calendar with pictures of naked women, and they did. They probably moaned about it behind my back, but that’s better than the message it was giving out.”

Anonymous Prospect rep

Prospect represents members working in many traditionally male environments. Sadly, some still meet a legacy of cultures and behaviours that have no place in the modern world of work – from subtle, often unintentionally sexist messages, right through to sexual assault.

We want to change this. We want to see workplaces that are conducive to diversity, and never to sexism. To tackle sexual harassment at work, we believe we must deal holistically with sexism in workplace cultures.

A “naughty” calendar might seem trivial to some people, but then where would those people draw their line? That calendar is likely to be just one of many factors that build up to make women feel, as comedian Jo Brand put it, “under siege” in their workplace.

Prospect is reviewing its workplace guidance on sexual harassment, to provide practical and legal support for branches, reps and members. We will also be making a submission on behalf of members to Parliament’s women and equalities committee, which is conducting an inquiry into sexual harassment in the workplace.

We want to make our guidance relevant to all our members, working in very different occupations and cultures. We can do that best with your input.

  • What are your experiences of sexism and sexual harassment in your workplace?
  • What does good practice look like, and what cultures or practices lead to problems?
  • Have you ever challenged sexism or sexual harassment at work, big or small? How did you tackle it, and what happened next?

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Jenny Andrew, Prospect Organiser:

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Jenny Andrew

Jenny Andrew


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