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Promoting Prospect, equality and diversity in Cumbria

Promoting Prospect, equality and diversity in Cumbria

Pride Cumbria

Prospect and the local community came together to support and celebrate the LGBT+ community at Cumbria Pride in Carlisle on Saturday 16 September.

The event featured local acts and was headlined by international group Collabro.

As a Cumbria Pride organising committee member and the equality representative for Prospect’s Sellafield branch, I organised and ran a stall promoting Prospect’s role in the workplace, highlighting its support for equality and celebration of diversity.

Sometimes Cumbria can seem like a bit of a wilderness when it comes to the recognition and acceptance of LGBT+ people, but it’s through events such as this, and with Prospect’s support, that we can change perceptions and foster tolerance and understanding.

The Prospect stall was busy all day, with people from all over the north of England and south-west Scotland taking an interest in the trade union movement and, in particular, the wide range of professions covered by Prospect.

Now that the big day is over, people have been asking me what I’ll be doing with my spare time. I tell them that we are already holding meetings to start planning for next year, when we hope to make the event even bigger and better. Hopefully it will include a march.

Pictured: Andi-Elizabeth Rutherford, top right, talking to event-goers at the Prospect stand

Andi Elizabeth Rutherford

Andi Elizabeth Rutherford


  • Once again to the Prospect members who came to chat, you know where I'm at.

    A thank you to Sue Stelfox for allowing me a short break 😊👍

    Andi Elizabeth Rutherford

    22 September 2017 20:27

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