Prospect’s three Rs: responsive, relentless and resilient

Prospect’s three Rs: responsive, relentless and resilient

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Our core values will help members navigate the political and economic uncertainties ahead, says general secretary Mike Clancy.

I think Prospect members ‘heart’ their union because we are responsive, relentless and resilient.

I cannot recall a time when there were more major unanswered questions about our political and economic futures. Every day the news reads like a script for a satire that would be rejected as too improbable to be credible.

Prospect’s role is to try and help members make sense of this maelstrom while sticking to our core values of political independence, preference for fact over myth and applying knowledge, wisdom and expertise to every situation.

For me, Prospect members ‘heart’ their union, because we stick to the three Rs:

  • RESPONSIVE: We know it’s our job to be responsive – ensuring we communicate in a timely fashion about matters that members care about most, and that we listen and act on feedback.
  • RELENTLESS: We will always be relentless in pursuing our agenda on members’ behalf and pushing back where their interests may be adversely affected by change.
  • RESILIENT: We need to be resilient, because as individuals and a collective, we are facing some of the most difficult circumstances I’ve seen in my career. Only by working together and supporting each other can we remain undaunted in the face of these challenges.  

Most of all, unions tell it straight – members can identify false messages as they are often subjected to them in their workplaces, but it’s their unions they look to when they want the facts.

Prospect won’t sugar-coat the truth, but we will support our members to deal with it. 

While the union’s staff must provide guidance, advice and leadership where appropriate, the key resource is our volunteer network of representatives.

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank our reps who work so tirelessly to help create a better life at work for all their members.

Mike Clancy

Mike Clancy


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