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Piggy bank for 2018

Will Britain get a pay rise in 2018?

Last year was a year of contradictions, at least as far as pay is concerned. On the one hand, there was a big rise in employment, with the number of people in work hitting the highest level on record. More people in work should, in theory, mean increased upward pressure...

Voting app open on smartphone

How far will the can be kicked down the road on electronic balloting?

The government’s independent review of Electronic Balloting for Industrial Action has been published just as the Christmas break approaches. Rather than bearing gifts the review, conducted by Sir Ken Knight former Chief Executive of the Fire Service, has called for further tests before any change in balloting is introduced.

St Andrew's Day March 2017

Scotland’s trade unions march against racism

This year’s Scottish Trades Union Congress St Andrew’s Day march and rally against racism and fascism took place on a crisply cold, icy Saturday morning on 25 November in Glasgow.

Ski ramp of HMS Ark Royal, an Invicible class air craft carrier

Where is the defence industrial strategy for the UK?

Defence is in the news and the defence budget is under increased pressure. Whilst journalists have focused on potential cuts to the front line and spats between the new Defence Secretary and Chancellor, too little attention has been paid to the role of defence as a UK industrial sector.

Union Flag patch on on camoflaged military jacket

Defence – Still under review

Early in the New Year the Cabinet Office will publish its security review which is looking at 12 different strands of UK security. The purpose of the review is to ensure that the UK’s investment in existing capabilities address the current national security challenges.