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earth and ocean

Studying the Scottish seas to understand global climate change

Sarah Hughes is part-time assistant branch secretary, Scottish Government branch and part-time oceanographer at Marine Scotland.

Marine litter

Plastic not so fantastic for marine life

Prospect member Tim Wilkinson talks about microplastics in marine samples for Marine Week 2017. Tim works for the Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas).

Turtle in the ocean

I love the sea with all its life, weather and its colours, and that’s why I got into this work

For National Marine Week 2017, Ben Taylor who works at Plymouth Marine Laboratory has blogged for us about his work. Prospect is the main trade union representing marine professionals – so if you work in the marine sector find out more about joining us here. Ben is also the chair...

school girl cutting paper

Extra government funding, so an end to school cuts? It seems not.

England’s schools were given what seemed a boost as they broke up for the summer, when the education secretary Justine Greening announced an “extra” £1.3bn a year over the next two years. But will it be enough to cover fast-increasing costs in all cases?

Young union activists training in Cyprus

Young workers look to the future

Gary Best, one of Prospect’s young professionals, feels optimistic about the future for unions after attending a training course with young workers from across Europe