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Plenty of consulting but hardly any answers from the education department

Do you, as a taxpayer, want to know exactly how much individual free schools have cost you over recent years, given that this is a flagship government education policy that seems likely to feature in the Conservatives’ manifesto?

Members on the Manchester March for Science April 22

To save the planet we have to yell – why scientists took to the streets

Scientists are a cautious, reticent breed. So what drove us to the streets on Saturday, in our thousands, to political demonstrations around the world?

Palace of Westminster after dark

Election Manifestos - the devil in the detail

I’ve seen enough manifestos, heard enough politicians’ speeches and pored over enough announcements and consultations to unfortunately have to adopt a cynical approach. It usually transpires that any announcement needs to be clarified by a series of further questions – for who, by when, how or for what purpose?

Westminster signpost and Big Ben

Brexit, employment rights and the general election

With news of a general election in June, now is the time to ensure that workers’ rights are high on the political agenda.

Palace of Westminster and Big Ben

Making science and innovation a voting issue

The prime minister’s decision to call an early general election is going to dominate the news over the next two months. The election will be an opportunity for Prospect members to make their views known to candidates from across the parties – and on science and innovation there are big...