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Union for life

A union for life

Many Prospect members change jobs frequently, or have periods of unemployment between contracts. If you're moving on, you don't have to resign your Prospect membership. We can stay with you during those times.

Prospect leafletWhether you're:

  • moving to a different employer to take up a new job
  • training for a change of career
  • temporarily unemployed in between contracts
  • facing redundancy and haven't yet found a new position

you don't have to give up your Prospect membership. We can continue to provide you with support and services. Many of these can be especially important if you work on an individual contract or for a company that doesn't recognise unions. And if you're not earning or are on a very low income, you will pay a reduced subscription rate - see for more information.

If you're retiring on a pension, find out more about our Retired Members' Group.

A new employer?

If your new employer recognises another union we advise you to join that union, because they will have negotiating rights on your behalf. But where this isn't the case, you can simply retain your Prospect membership. We can give you advice on:

  • the terms of your employment contract
  • employment rights that may affect you such as the working time rules, parental leave, flexible working, unfair dismissal
  • rights regarding discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • health and safety issues such as stress, computer use, long hours on the road, lone or homeworking.

Full-time Prospect negotiators can accompany you if you have a grievance or disciplinary dispute with your employer. Your employer has to allow this even if they do not recognise Prospect or you are the only member in your workplace.

Members on individual contracts also have access to information provided by Prospect on salaries, terms and conditions, and other work-related issues. All are designed to help you get a better deal from your new employer.

Career development

Careersmart is a careers guidance website set up by Prospect for professionals. It covers a range of subjects, from progressing your career to pensions, self employment and CV writing.

Prospect also has a network of union learning reps who can help you analyse your training needs and broaden your skills portfolio.

Pensions advice

Prospect can advise on your current and future pension entitlements. We can represent you in any dispute with your employer over your pension or with the social security appeal tribunal. Our expertise is based on familiarity with hundreds of pension schemes in both private and public sectors, and thousands of personal cases taken out on behalf of members.

Other benefits

Whatever your status, you’ll have access to:

Tell us if your circumstances change

woman with telephone headsetIf you move from unemployment to paid work, please let us know. We will need to amend your membership status to ensure you can receive employment-related advice.

If you're moving on but want to stay with Prospect

Don't cancel your direct debit instruction - just tell us about your new circumstances. We'll make the necessary changes and confirm your new subscription rate in writing. You can either update your details online, email us on, call us on 0300 600 1878, or write to FREEPOST PROSPECT MEMBERSHIP.

You can download a leaflet which summarises the information on this page.