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Project boards

Project boards

There are four initial major projects that will be delivered as part of the Step Up change programme. These are outlined below. Once Terms of Reference have been agreed for all four projects, these will be available, along with regular project updates, on individual project web pages. 

Member contact centre

Prospect currently has multiple contact points for members, with no single key contact portal through which member engagement can be managed. While Prospect does have robust processes to handle member contact, there is an inconsistent application of contact logging and case management, due to the differing availability of supporting systems.This project will therefore create a Member Contact Centre (MCC) and invest in a Case Management System (CMS) in order to deliver a more efficient/effective service to members and assist teams/pitches with increased demand on workload. The new MCC and CMS are expected to be in place by the end of 2017. 

Organisational structure

Prospect’s organisational structure has evolved over a period of years, partly in response to mergers and partly as a consequence of the increased overall size of the organisation. The current structures have served well as a pragmatic way of accommodating change and development, but have been very much focused on perceived needs at the time of establishment rather than any forward assessment of members’ requirements. Any further review of organisational structure therefore needs to be informed by a clear understanding of Prospect’s future business model i.e. what do we need to do in order to recruit more members and to sustainably retain them? The purpose of this project is therefore to identify and implement key areas in which Prospect can improve operational performance in order to achieve better (more efficient and effective) results/service for members.

Public services

The Civil and Public service is the sector within Prospect that is currently facing the most significant change, and we know that Prospect needs to be flexible and responsive to these changes. This project will therefore explore the future brand and content of the ‘offer’ to Prospect public service members against the background of government policy. It will also review the quality and impact of Prospect communications and campaigning within the Civil and public services, our structures and delivery in supporting the Civil and Public Services, and our relationship and engagement with key stakeholders. 

Support and grow our people

There are two key challenges that the 'Support and Grow' our people project will address. Firstly; succession planning, training and development for Prospect reps, and secondly, internal succession planning and development for Prospect staff. 

Rep Development: The NEC have highlighted that not all new Prospect reps receive the same training when they become a rep. This project will therefore be looking at the training provided, to see whether we need to develop a more consistent process for welcoming, inducting and supporting new reps. This should therefore ensure that all reps will have a shared knowledge and understanding of working with the union. Furthermore, we will also be looking at how we can implement a succession process for reps, to ensure we have development plans in place to support future lay leaders.

Staff development: This project will work to  identify the relevant skills and experience in our current staff profile that will be invaluable to the future, and develop a process where Prospect staff can identify roles they may be interested in filling in the future, and being clear about what development is required in order to effectively compete for those roles when they are advertised. In addition, we are looking to review our recruitment process to make sure it delivers the best results.  This means that there are likely to be new recruitment processes that will allow applicants (staff, our members, or external candidates) to more accurately demonstrate their suitability for the role. 

More information?

Each major project will have a dedicated web page with regular updates as the projects get underway. In the meantime, if you'd like to ask any questions about these projects, please email