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Recruitment leaflets

Recruitment leaflets

Our recruitment leaflets help you to spread the word about Prospect and what we do.

'Let's talk Prospect' sticker   info
'Let's talk Prospect' sticker to promote union week

"Let's talk Prospect' sticker (Welsh)   info
Let's talk Prospect sticker artwork

Member recruit member (Welsh language version)   info
Member recruit member application form in Welsh

Prospect Member Recruit Member form (IOM)   info
Prospect Member Recruit Member form for joiners in the Isle of Man

Prospect LGBT+ Network booklet – helping you in the workplace   info
This booklet offers insight to help reps, and LGBT+ Network members create a network. It covers: What is the LGBT+ Community? Prospect’s LGBT+ Network; what can Prospect offer your LGBT+ Network? How to set up a network; how Prospect can help with common LGBT+ issues; LGBT+ rights at work; what is Prospect? Useful information