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Recruit, retain, organise

Recruit, retain, organise

These pages contain key resources to help branch and section officers recruit, retain and organise members in their workplace.

Application forms and subscription rates are in the ''Become a member' area.

Essential guides:

Rep's handbook   info
This handbook is an introduction to the role of a Prospect representative. It provides the basic information that reps need and and how to find out more. [Updated December 2018]

Recruitment guide   info
Recruitment should be a key activity for every Prospect representative. Identifying non-members, reporting staff changes, contacting newcomers and persuading them to join are the basis for all other Prospect work.

Campaigning locally factsheetCommunicating with members factsheetExcuses for not joining factsheetGetting organised factsheetTime off for your Prospect activities factsheetWhat Prospect reps do factsheetWhy everyone should join Prospect factsheetYou are not alone factsheet


Recruitment factsheet: campaigning locally   info
Local campaigns make a real difference and can be run independently by your branch. This factsheet sets out a few hints and tips.

Recruitment factsheet: communicating with members   info
Some dos and don'ts about communicating with members, whether it's via posters, emails or newsletters.

Recruitment factsheet: excuses for not joining   info
Prepare yourself with responses to some of the most common reasons people give for not joining the union.

Recruitment factsheet: getting organised   info
Set recruitment objectives, manage your time and resources, share the work out, review your progress.

Recruitment factsheet: time off for your union activities   info
Trade union reps have the right to undertake their role, with reasonable paid time off and resources to do it. Most Prospect branches have local agreements that reflect this, sometimes referred to as a ‘facilities agreement.'

Recruitment factsheet: what Prospect reps do   info
Prospect has over 4000 volunteer reps who undertake crucial roles to support members. This factsheet summarises some of the roles and activities they volunteer for.

Recruitment factsheet: why everyone should join a union   info
Five reasons why people should join a union.

Recruitment factsheet: you are not alone!   info
Prospect relies on local volunteers, and we’ll do everything we can to support you in your role. This factsheet summarises what you can expect from us.