Prospect's outreach projects

Prospect's outreach projects

shadows of two people stretching to hold handsWe don't exist in isolation from the wider world. We are active participants in global union federations, and we have strong bilateral relations with unions representing members similar to our own in Europe and more widely.

In recent years, however, we have added to this a strong commitment to international development work and this has been helped by funding from UK Aid.

The trade union movement is built on the vision and principles of social justice and eradicating gross inequalities, and international development work is a key part of this. Union members are employees, investors, consumers and stakeholders in their communities and social networks.

With technology and ease of modern communication, the global village is shrinking, with greater evidence of global interconnectedness, from our supermarket shelves to the reach of organisations in both operations and supply chains.

The ‘world of work’ is the global common denominator for international development for Prospect. Unions have an important part to play, together with governments and NGOs, in helping to achieve fairness and justice for those who want to work their way out of poverty.

Trade unions both in the UK and the developing world have organised networks and core education programmes and are uniquely placed to reach large numbers of workers in all sectors of the world to raise awareness of global issues such as climate change, gender equality, all forms of discrimination, and health issues such as occupational diseases, HIV/Aids and malaria.