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MRM terms and conditions

'Member recruit member' terms and conditions

This incentive has been running since 2014. Prospect's CORE sub-committee (organising, recruitment and education) and the National Executive Committee have agreed that it will continue until at least the end of 2017. CORE will re-evaluate this through 2019.

Prospect reserves the right to:

  • increase, decrease or remove the incentive at any stages as long as reasonable advance notice is given.
  • continue the incentive scheme, albeit possibly on revised terms, following evaluation by CORE and agreement by the NEC.

The effectiveness of the MRM scheme will be monitored by the CORE sub-committee.

Any disputes or disagreements will be referred to the Section Head for Organising and Education (O&E) ; if matters cannot be resolved they will be referred to the chair of CORE for a final decision.

Recruitment incentives will be dispatched as soon as possible. They will be posted to the member’s home address only.

Prospect’s Benevolent Fund is managed by lay members of our union who are appointed by the NEC. No monies go to Prospect general funds.

Note that two incentives cannot be combined without the approval of O&E.