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50 ideas for Union Week

Happy members at UKPN

“Let’s talk Prospect” is the theme of our week of activities that usually take place in November. Here are some ideas to inspire members to get more involved and non-members to join. You can spread the message via social media using the hashtag #talkProspect

Raise our profile

1 Tea/coffee with Prospect

2 Hold a big workplace meeting

3 Meet your local reps sessions

4 Floor/building walking

5 Refresh your noticeboards

6 Promotional story on company intranet, where possible

7 Cards on tables in staff canteens

8 Prospect posters in staff bathrooms

9 Wear a Prospect badge with pride

10 Fly the flag for Prospect – include a Prospect flag on your mode of transport to get to work

11 Put posters, signs or pop-up banners in prominent locations eg reception areas, canteens

12 Tell your local press about what you are doing for Prospect’s union week

Charity fundraising

13 Member recruit member charity fundraising

14 Ask local organisations or charities to run a stall in your workplace

Social media

15 Follow Prospect on Twitter

16 Like Prospect on Facebook

17 Retweet a Prospect tweet

18 Share a Facebook story


19 Live music lunch

20 Union comedy night

21 Union film night

22 Union quiz

23 Union colour in

24 Reverse caption competition (we provide the caption, you provide the picture)

25 Write a Prospect poem

26 Chocolate fountain: skewer with fruit for members; marshmallow for non-members. Message: all employees benefit from a recognised union, but membership gives you more

27 “Knit and Natter” – Learn to knit in your lunch break and de-stress at the same time

28 Prospect’s Got Talent – members and staff share their skills via workshops, seminars etc


29 Local competitions eg design a poster, do a video, bake a cupcake

Advice/information sessions

30 Decide a theme for the week eg identifying, preventing and tackling stress

31 Drop-in advice sessions

32 Organise a raffle for those who attend drop-in sessions

33 Advice for apprentices and young workers

34 World cafe concept: Set up tables where people pitch an idea, discuss a topic, consult on a workplace issue etc. After a set time, people move to another table for a different discussion.

35 Lunch and learn sessions on:

  • stress awareness
  • pensions advice
  • financial advice
  • coping with dementia

Use your union services

36 Sign up to Prospect Plus

37 Make a will free of charge with Pattinson and Brewer

38 Book an appointment with Prospect’s financial advisers, Lighthouse


39 Keep fit sessions

40 Union sports day

41 Homeworkers: take part in a co-ordinated body mapping exercise

42 Union bowling night

43 Five or seven-a-side mixed football match

44 Yoga or similar session

45 Tag teams – walk/run/boat from one branch to another collecting members on way. Finish at a Prospect Office

46 Organise a silence/meditation room for staff who work in noisy areas


47 Recruit a colleague

48 Talk to three non-members about Prospect and adopt them as ongoing recruitment “targets”

49 Give a colleague a recruitment leaflet/latest newsletter/your copy of Profile

50 Get a list from your employer and write to all your homeworkers

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