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Union Week 2017

“Let’s talk Prospect”

For the second year running we're holding a national 'union week' where we ask all reps and members to talk about Prospect to colleagues in their workplace. This year's Union Week will run from 16-20 October 2017.


To make this week a success, we would like you to:

  • talk to your colleagues about why being a union member is valuable to you
  • ask your friends and workmates whether they would be interested in joining Prospect
  • run an event in your workplace or office.

The reason we need you to help us grow the union is that the more members we have, the more effectively we can lobby, campaign and negotiate on your behalf.

Plan now!

Now is the time to book an event in your local workplace! The Resources page includes materials you can use, and we've also got a list of ideas for the types of events you can run. Contact organisation@prospect.org.uk if you've got any questions or suggestions and we would be happy to help. We look forward to hearing about the events in your office when you tag us on facebook or twitter.

We will also be sharing an events calendar online closer to the time, with information about events being run across the UK. We look forward to hearing about how you are talking Prospect.


Union Week round-up

Last year our branches organised over 500 recruitment and organising events across the union. Watch our video to see some of the highlights.