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Prospect's flexible membership

Prospect's flexible membership

Prospect knows about the changing nature of work. Increasingly, our members do not have 'normal' jobs or stay in the same employer for years. They may do freelance work, change jobs every couple of years, work part-time, or be employed as fixed-term, seasonal or casual workers.

flexible membership leafletThat's why Prospect membership is flexible to match your situation. Our subscriptions vary with what you earn, and if you have periods when you are not working you pay a special rate of just £1.28 per month.

You'll still be a full member of Prospect and will have access to the benefits, services and support that are relevant to you – from financial discounts to help you through to specialist advice about your work situation.

Our flexible package also applies to members who are on unpaid maternity leave or statutory-level maternity pay, or who are taking unpaid sabbatical leave from work. That means you can keep up your Prospect membership and get the benefit of our support when you return to your job.

How it works

woman wearing telephone headsetJust keep in touch and let us know about changes in your income or your work situation. Our membership department will be able to adjust your subscriptions and place you in the Prospect branch that is right for you, so that you get the best the Prospect has to offer.

If your working status changes you can notify us via your welcome page; and our membership team will contact you .

Email us at or call 0300 600 1878.