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Briefings and other resources

Briefings and other resources

Briefing: General Election 2017 - issues briefing   info
A background briefing on potential issues for Prospect members in the 2017 General Election, including in key industries and sectors.
 28 April 2017  ID: 2017/00714

Briefing: General election 2017: key questions for candidates and parties   info
Suggested questions on issues of critical importance to Prospect members. Use them to challenge candidates and parties on the issues that matter to you.
 27 April 2017  ID: 2017/00707

Poster: Make your vote count on 8 June   info
Poster encouraging members to vote in the 2017 general election
 26 April 2017  ID: 2017/00698

Employment law briefing: 056 - Brexit, employment rights and the general election   info
This briefing looks at workers’ rights and how these may be affected by Brexit, drawing on the two recent white papers. With the general election called for June it is important that we keep employment rights high on the political agenda.
 19 April 2017  ID: 2017/00662