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Top tips

Four things to remember about the general election

Here are Prospect's top tips on how to make the most of the general election:

  1. Prospect is a politically independent union. That does not mean we don’t have opinions about policies, but it does mean that the union and branches should not endorse, or give the impression of endorsing, a candidate.
  2. We want to know what candidates say about Prospect and BECTU issues. Although we are politically independent, ie not affiliated to any political party, we should ask candidates about their views on issues that affect members. We should keep things fair – asking all candidates or, if you are organising an event, making sure all the main candidates are invited.
  3. Briefings and materials for members will be posted on these pages, in addition to our blog posts. These include key questions to ask candidates.
  4. If in doubt, check with headquarters at New Prospect House. We need to be careful about laws that govern political campaigning. The basic rule is that Prospect and its branches can raise issues that affect members, but we should not campaign for or against a particular party or candidate. If we campaign as a union for a political party we may be subject to regulation by the Electoral Commission.

Call Graham Stewart, Parliamentary Officer, on 0207 902 6605 or email graham.stewart@prospect.org.uk to get advice or check.