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South West Devon

South West Devon

Major employers



  1. What will you do to increase investment and skill levels in the strategic industries, infrastructure and public services on which the UK’s security and prosperity depend?
  2. Will you maintain defence expenditure at no less than the annual limits set out in the 2015 spending review, and at levels of at least 2% of GDP for the rest of the parliament?
  3. Will you support the renewal of Trident, including construction of the full fleet of four successor submarines necessary to maintain a continuous at-sea deterrent?
  4. Will you publish a coherent long-term policy framework to secure the investment necessary to deliver secure, sustainable and affordable energy in the UK?
  5. Will you lift the arbitrary and unsustainable cap on public sector pay and commission an independent review of pay in the civil service and wider public sector?

Candidates’ responses

Gary Streeter (Conservative)

I am sorry but I am not responding to any surveys or requests for pledges, but if any of your members who live in the South West Devon constituency have questions for me please ask them to email me at this address: southwestdevon@gmail.com

Philippa Davey (Labour)

Response awaited

Caroline Voaden (Lib Dem)

Response awaited