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North West Hampshire

North West Hampshire

Major employers

AWE, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory


  1. What will you do to increase investment and skill levels in the strategic industries, infrastructure and public services on which the UK’s security and prosperity depend?
  2. Will you support the renewal of Trident, including construction of the full fleet of four successor submarines necessary to maintain a continuous at-sea deterrent?
  3. Will you scrap current plans to cut the number of civilians employed by the Ministry of Defence to 41,000 – a reduction of almost 30%?
  4. Will you lift the arbitrary and unsustainable cap on public sector pay and commission an independent review of pay in the civil service and wider public sector?

Candidates’ responses

Kit Malthouse (Conservative)

Response awaited

Andy Fitchet (Labour)

Response awaited

Alex Payton (Lib Dem)

Party policy is to continue the Dreadnought programme but reduce to three boats instead of four, maintaining the deterrent through unpredictable and irregular patrolling patterns. We would lift the pay cap.

I have not answered questions 1 and 3, not because the answer is no, but simply because it is 19:55 on polling day and your questions deserve more time. If elected I will give them that time and get back to you.