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Edinburgh North and Leith

Edinburgh North and Leith

Major employers

Scottish government bodies, Scottish Power, BT

  1. What will you do to increase investment and skill levels in the strategic industries, infrastructure and public services on which the UK’s security and prosperity depend?
  2. Will you lift the arbitrary and unsustainable cap on public sector pay, guarantee that public service workers’ pay will at least keep pace with inflation in each year of the parliament, and commission an independent review of pay in the civil service and wider public sector?
  3. Will you commit to increasing the UK’s total expenditure on research and development to at least 3% of GDP, as called for by the CBI and OECD?
  4. Will you provide the sector with the certainty and stability needed to deliver necessary investment by ruling out further interference in the legal and operational structure of BT and its subsidiary OpenReach?
  5. Will you take action to tackle skills gaps in the energy sector by including a specific training allowance and ring-fenced training funds within support frameworks such as contracts for difference, the renewable obligation, and Ofgem’s regulatory reviews?

Candidates' responses

Iain McGill (Conservative)

Response awaited

Gordon Munro (Labour)

1. in it's manifesto Labour will create a National Transformation Fund that will invest £250 billion over 10 years to upgrade our economy . It will also create a Scottish Investment Bank with £20bn of funds available to local projects and small scale businesses.It is also committed to development and innovation in the defence industry. I will work to make sure that North and Leith is part of this work.

2. Yes . This policy enforced by Tories down South and by SNP in Scotland has seen falling living standards for workers in the public sector. I am committed to making this happen.

3. Labour is committed to increase funding to reach that target by 2030. Again I will work to make this happen as it is important for work in the constituency.

4. Yes. Our manifesto contains a commitment to fully fund heritage collections and end cuts to local government which threaten local museums with closure. Locally I persuaded the council to use the Common Good Fund to purchase Custom House in Leith with a view to a heritage centre for Leith .

5. There is no specific commitment in respect of BT or Openreach but our plans for investment in infrastructure should impact on both

6. Our industrial strategy will support businesses to create new, high skilled, high paid and secure work in sectors such as renewables.

Martin Veart (Lib Dem)

Response awaited

Deidre Brock (SNP)

Response awaited