Public services sector conference

Public services sector conferences

The sector conference is held every two years. Our 2019 conference was held on 21 May in Nottingham.

Previous conference

The 2017 conference took place on 6 June at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nottingham.

One of the decisions taken at the conference was to change the name of the sector from 'civil service' to 'public services'.

News and documents from that conference are still available below.

News from the 2017 conference


Public services sector conference decisions 2019   info
Record of decisions on motions debated at Prospect's public services sector conference 2019
 13 August 2019  ID: 2019/01237

2019 Public services sector conference agenda   info
The agenda for the public services sector conference at the Crowne Plaza hotel, Nottingham, 21 May 2019.
 16 April 2019  ID: 2019/00668

Report on the major activities of the public services sector from June 2017 – May 2019   info
This document provides a report on major activities of the PSS from June 2017 - May 2019
 04 March 2019  ID: 2019/00431

Prospect public services sector conference 2019   info
Calling notice for the 2019 public services sector conference
 18 December 2018  ID: 2018/02119

Guidance for branches on drafting conference motions   info
Guidance for branches on drafting conference motions
 18 December 2018  ID: 2018/02132