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National conference

Prospect's national conference is held every two years.

2012 conference logo2012 National Conference

The Prospect National Conference took place from 22 May - 24 May 2012 at the Bournemouth International Conference (BIC), Bournemouth.

Conference timetable

Tuesday 22 May 2012

09:30 Opening of Conference
09:40 Adoption of Standing Orders Committee Report
Formal Opening of Conference Debate
10:00 Presentation of Prospect Annual Report by Paul Noon, General Secretary
10:15 Result of Ballot for National Executive Committee
10:20 Section A: Rules
11:20 Section A: Rules (cont)
12:10 Section B: Pensions
12:45 Close of Session

13:45 Guest Speaker: Frances O'Grady, Deputy General Secretary TUC
14:05 Section B: Pensions (cont)
14:50 Secton C: Recruitment
15:00 Recruitment and Organising Awards
15:30 Section D: Energy and Environment
16:30 Section E: Health and Safety
16:50 Section F: Diversity and Equality
17:00 Section G: Employment Issues
17:40 Close of Session

Wednesday 23 May 2012

09:15 Section G: Employment Issues (cont)
10:50 Guest Speaker – Deborah Hargreaves, Chair of The High Pay Commission
11:10 Section H: Pay and Allowances
12:00 Section I: Subscriptions
12:40 Results of Presidential Team Elections
12:45 Close of Session
Ballot boxes available for election of Standing Orders Committee

13:45 Presentation of Statement of Accounts
13:55 Guest Speaker – Agnes Wangui Githumbi (KETAWU National Womens Leader)
14:10 Section J: International
14:55 Section K: Defence
15:35 Close of Ballot for election of Standing Orders Committee
Section K: Defence (cont)
16:05 Section L: Political Fund
16:55 Section M: Social and Public Policy
17:40 Close of Session

Thursday 24 May 2012

09:15 Section M: Social and Public Policy (cont)
10:15 Section N: Prospect Organisation
10:50 Section N: Prospect Organisation (cont)
11:40 Section O: Appointments and Appreciations
12:00 Emergency Motions
12:45 Adoption of Annual Report and Statement of Accounts
Result of Ballot for Standing Orders Committee
Vote of Thanks
13:00 Close of Conference

Documents relating to the 2012 National Conference can be found below.

Conference documents

Action Taken   info
Action Taken on resolutions carried at the 2012 national conference
ID: 2014/00199

Profile issue 3/12, June-July 2012   info
Contents include: reports from our 2012 national conference (pp7-24); your new-look NEC for 2012 (p4); High Court victory saves thousands of nuclear pensions (p3); QinetiQ recognition talks (p5); BT hearing loss claims (p27); CSMA's 'Big Weekend' (p6)
ID: 2012/00976

'Unite over pensions', delegates urged   info
National conference hears calls to unite public and private sectors over pensions
ID: 2012/00834

Workers rights face 'ideological attack'   info
Workers rights including H&S face 'ideological attack' from government
ID: 2012/00833

New presidential team sets out its vision   info
Future investment in skills and jobs is priority for union's newly elected presidential trio
ID: 2012/00831

Prospect annual report 2011   info
Prospect's annual report and accounts for the year ending 31 December 2011
ID: 2012/00604

Some conference documents have already been issued to branch secretaries. If you're logged in as a branch secretary or RMG area secretary you'll automatically see them listed on this page.