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Key dates

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Key dates

18 December 2017     

General Secretary to call for:

  • Motions to Conference (Include guidance document on Motion preparation)
  • Names of delegates
  • Nominations for SOC
  • Nominations for NEC
  • Nominations for Presidential Team
  • Nominations for TUC

15 Jan 2018

As soon as possible after 31/12 advise Branches of their membership and delegate entitlement

12 Feb 2018   

Deadline for issue of Action Taken

Midday 5 March 2018 

  • Deadline for submission of Motions (and election addresses), all nominations and delegate names
  • Start preparations for NEC ballot

1 April 2018    

NEC ballot starts

23 April 2018

  • Deadline for issue of Agenda – To be circulated to all Branches & RMG
  • Deadline for issue of Annual Report – To be circulated to all Branches & RMG

29 April 2018  

NEC ballot closes @ 6pm (results should be announced without delay and also at Conference)

26 May 2018 

Closing date for receipt of references back to the Annual Report from Branches

3 June 2018   

Closing date and time for receipt of Emergency Motions as decided by Standing Orders Committee

3 to 6 June 2018       

  • Possible Ballot at Conference for President, Vice President and Deputy Vice Presidents
  • Possible Ballot for Standing Orders Committee
  • Possible ballot for TUC