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Health and safety conferences

Safety reps' conferences

Every two years or so, Prospect holds a themed conference for its health and safety reps.

2017: "Taking Time, Saving Lives"

Prospect's 2017 H&S conference will be held on 29 March at Hamilton House in London, and will focus on:

  • working hours and fatigue
  • stress & mental health.

The conference starts at 10am (with registration from 9.15) and will end at 4pm. Delegates will be given conference papers on arrival. The papers and copies of the speakers' powerpoint presentations will be uploaded to this site after the conference.

Presentation: Just Culture - presentation by Sean Parker CAA   info
 31 March 2017 

Presentation: Healthy working together - presentation by Dr Olivia Carlton   info
 31 March 2017 

Presentation: Mental Capital, Stress and Wellbeing: costs, issues, solutions - presentation by Prof Sir Cary Cooper   info
 31 March 2017 

Conference Paper: Health and Safety Conference 2017 - Programme   info
 03 March 2017 

2014: "Enabling H&S"

Held in London on 5 March, the themes were stress/wellbeing and rights/regulatory reform

Presentation: Stress Stigma Solutions - introductory presentation by Sarah Page   info

Information update (News): Prospect stress event offers solutions   info

Briefing: Forty at 40   info

2011: 'Promoting Health'

Held in London on 16 March, the theme was around health - as a reminder to H&S Reps of the growing importance of the health agenda.

Prospect's new Body Mapping Factcard was launched.

Other papers and presentations:

"Good Work, Good Health" presentation by Dr Litchfield BT   info
 05 April 2011 

2009: "Fair change"

Held in London on 28 April 2009, the theme was organisational change.