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Energy supply industry sector conference

Energy supply industry sector conference

The sector conference is held every two years. The 2019 conference took place on 4 June in Manchester.

News from the conference

Guest speaker panel, ESI Conference 2017
Delegates at Prospect's energy supply industry sector conference in London on 3 July joined in a lively question and answer session after hearing three guest speakers present the challenges and opportunities facing the UK’s nuclear industry.

David Wagstaff, ESI Conference 2017
Guest speaker Dave Wagstaff, an energy insights senior power analyst at National Grid, gave Prospect's energy supply industry sector conference an overview of the company’s annual work on gathering future energy scenarios.

Dai Hudd, ESI Conference 2017
It’s time to renew Prospect’s energy policy and look to the future, the union’s deputy general secretary, Dai Hudd, told energy supply industry conference delegates.

Dai Hudd, ESI Conference 2017
Deputy general secretary Dai Hudd, who looks after Prospect’s energy sector, thanked all the lay representatives who work hard day in and day out to look after members’ interests.

Mike Clancy, ESI Conference 2017
Prospect general secretary Mike Clancy offered energy supply industry conference delegates an overview of Prospect’s priorities after the general election.

Briefing: What happened to all the green jobs?   info
A Prospect briefing on employment in the renewables sector
 30 May 2019  ID: 2019/00836

Prospect health and safety conference Agenda 3 April 2019   info
The agenda for the Prospect's seventh health and safety conference.
 25 March 2019  ID: 2019/00563

EnergyEye, February 2019   info
This issue of EnergyEye includes an interview with Rod Gardner, head of network operations at Northern Powergrid, who was awarded an OBE in the New Year's Honours List, and a guest column from Audrey Gallacher, director of policy at Energy UK.
 19 February 2019  ID: 2019/00327

Energy sector health and safety bulletin, February 2019   info
In this edition, we look at a study examining the stress levels of working mums and whether mental ill health and musculoskeletal pain are linked. Plus, we have information about the health and safety conference.
 05 February 2019  ID: 2019/00260

Preliminary results of ESI workforce survey   info
Preliminary results of the ESI workforce survey, covering issues such as workload, stress, skills, management culture and change management.
 21 January 2019  ID: 2019/00157

Energy health and safety bulletin, January 2019   info
In this edition, we look at incident reports from DNOs, a study on mental health first aid, new figures showing a steep decline in council safety inspections and the number of audits carried out by fire services
 10 January 2019  ID: 2019/00067

Demanding a just transition for energy workers   info
A leaflet outlining the just transition demands agreed by members of Prospect, GMB, UNISON and Unite.
 17 December 2018  ID: 2018/02124

EnergyEye, November 2018   info
This issue of EnergyEye includes the announcement of an overarching new energy sector, the latest industry news and a look at the benefits of nuclear new build.
 05 November 2018  ID: 2018/01930

Making the Case for New Nuclear   info
A presentation outlining the main points in Prospect's briefing 'Making the Case for New Nuclear'
 31 October 2018  ID: 2018/01900

WorkSafe poster pack   info
WorkSafe poster pack containing all six themed posters including stress, safe driving, lone working, hazards, PPE and rest breaks.
 05 October 2018  ID: 2018/01748

WorkSafe poster – Hazards   info
WorkSafe poster – Hazards
 05 October 2018  ID: 2018/01747

WorkSafe poster – Rest breaks   info
WorkSafe poster – Rest breaks
 05 October 2018  ID: 2018/01746

WorkSafe poster – Stress   info
WorkSafe poster – Stress
 05 October 2018  ID: 2018/01745

WorkSafe poster – PPE   info
WorkSafe poster – PPE
 05 October 2018  ID: 2018/01744

WorkSafe poster – Lone working   info
WorkSafe poster – Lone working
 05 October 2018  ID: 2018/01743

WorkSafe poster – Safe driving   info
WorkSafe poster – Safe driving
 05 October 2018  ID: 2018/01742

Energy sector health and safety bulletin July 2018   info
This edition covers Prospect's upcoming H&S seminar, looks at new research that again underlines unions' role in preventing work deaths, how stress shortens healthy life expectancy and new workplace fatality figures.
 18 July 2018  ID: 2018/01399

ESI health and safety seminar 30 October 2018, calling notice   info
Prospect will hold a health and safety seminar on 30 October 2018 on the topic of human and organisational factors, which is the theme of Powering Improvement in 2018. This calling notice provides further details about the event.
 18 July 2018  ID: 2018/01396

EnergyEye, June 2018   info
This issue of EnergyEye includes an interview with Rory Trappe, a Magnox rep, about his battle to secure a future for the Trawsfynydd site.
 26 June 2018  ID: 2018/01225

National HESAC report June 2018   info
Report from June's national HESAC covering: SMART meter rollout, asset management and human and organisational factors, the theme of Powering Improvement in 2018
 21 June 2018  ID: 2018/01202