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Civil service sector conference

Civil service sector conferences

The sector conference is held every two years. The 2017 conference took place on 6 June 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nottingham NG1 5RH.

Documents can be downloaded from this page - some are restricted to branch secretaries.

News from the conference

Civil Service Conference 2017
The capacity of the civil service to handle Brexit, concerns over science funding and collaboration, and the rights of European Union nationals were all covered in the Brexit debate at conference.

Civil Service Conference 2017
The announcement in December 2016 that mandatory performance quotas for the civil service were to be abandoned for future years was a victory for the union, said Heather Phillips, speaking on behalf of the executive.

Civil Service Conference 2017
Delegates were united in their anger at seeing their living standards fall because of pay restraint for public sector workers.

Civil Service Conference 2017
Public servants are expected to meet their objectives on time and in full – but this does not apply to their annual pay awards, Phil Brown (Met Office) told delegates.

Civil Service Conference 2017
Delegates agreed to rename Prospect’s civil service sector to reflect the dramatic changes over the past 10 years.

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16 June 2017


Civil Service Sector Conference 6th June 2017   info
The agenda for the conference.
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