Brexit and science

Brexit and science

Prospect is proud to represent 50,000 scientists, engineers and technical specialists across all major sectors of the economy.

We are concerned that the UK’s decision to leave the European Union will have significant and challenging implications for science, technology, engineering and mathematics funding, collaboration and skills.

Science is an international endeavour and continued free movement is vitally important both to the public interest and the wider economy.  

EU nationals working in STEM professions make a critical contribution to their employing organisations – withdrawing this source of labour would jeopardise capacity, operational delivery and reputation.

Prospect is campaigning for:

  • Guaranteed rights for EU nationals already working in the UK to remain.
  • Continued international mobility for scientists, including for UK citizens to work in other EU countries.
  • Rejection of the Migration Advisory Committee’s recommendations to increase the salary thresholds for Tier 2 of the points-based immigration system for EU nationals.
  • Assurances about funding post-2020: Although the Autumn Statement 2016 announced welcome additional funding for R&D, it is not yet clear where this will be allocated or whether it will replace key EU funding streams when the EU’s own legal commitments to honour these payments ends.
  • Early clarity about the UK’s relationship with the EU (and other countries) to provide assurance to international science networks and mitigate against the UK being frozen out of collaborative proposals.
  • Strong repudiation of incidences of racism and xenophobia wherever and whenever they occur.
  • Engagement with stakeholders in developing a long-term strategy for UK science.

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