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Martin McIvor

Martin McIvor

Why we need our regulators – and why we want to hear your views on what they do

From food to transport and from the environment to utilities, societies and economies rely on effective regulation.

UK needs to lift ambition on science

Britain is a world-leader on research and innovation.  From scientific excellence to business R&D, we have inquisitiveness in our DNA. Government leadership, however, has not always matched this endeavour.  So, at a time when Brexit is casting a shadow of uncertainty over the British economy, already held back by decades...

Research and development needs public and private sector input

As British Science week draws to a close, new figures from the Office for National Statistics provide a timely opportunity to take stock of levels of investment in UK research and development.

Take robots replacing civil servants with a pinch of salt

Robots could replace thousands of civil service and public sector workers, according to today’s newspapers (6 February).

Government’s industrial strategy – a step forward but not yet a step-change?

Since her leadership campaign in July the Prime Minister has pointed to a “proper industrial strategy” as a key means of advancing her declared ambition for “a country that works for everyone”, as well as preparing Britain to prosper outside the European Union. Its development has been led by Greg...

The Prime Minister’s Brexit speech: some more clarity, but many questions still to be answered

Arguably, the Prime Minister’s speech on Tuesday didn’t tell us much we didn’t already know about the Government’s approach to the impending Brexit negotiations. But it was important in providing much more explicit confirmation of some fundamental priorities and parameters that, up till now, had to be inferred from broad...