Jenny Andrew

Jenny Andrew

Why LGBT STEM needs unions

Prospect warmly welcomed the first International Day of LGBT workers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in 2018. And we'll be marking it again on 5 July 2019.

What does sexual harassment look like in your workplace?

”I asked them to take down the calendar with pictures of naked women, and they did. They probably moaned about it behind my back, but that’s better than the message it was giving out.”

Celebrating women in STEM means finding a future for Ada

Ada Lovelace day is a celebration of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), says full-time Prospect organiser Jenny Andrew, herself a former research scientist.

Studying the Scottish seas to understand global climate change

Sarah Hughes is part-time assistant branch secretary, Scottish Government branch and part-time oceanographer at Marine Scotland.

I love the sea with all its life, weather and its colours, and that’s why I got into this work

For National Marine Week 2017, Ben Taylor who works at Plymouth Marine Laboratory has blogged for us about his work. Prospect is the main trade union representing marine professionals – so if you work in the marine sector find out more about joining us here. Ben is also the chair...

So much to do, but first things first… ask a colleague to join Prospect

With a country still reeling from the general election result, the Brexit negotiations are supposed to start this week. Prospect will be working to influence them for the good of our members and the industries they serve.

Politicians must protect our high-skilled EU migrants after Brexit

I was brought up to see myself as a European. My mum was a language teacher and my dad a scientist. We frequently played host to visiting researchers or stray foreign exchange students. We had Asterix books in five languages, back-to-school stationery from France and Christmas decorations from German markets. ...

To save the planet we have to yell – why scientists took to the streets

Scientists are a cautious, reticent breed. So what drove us to the streets on Saturday, in our thousands, to political demonstrations around the world?