Mike Clancy

Mike Clancy

Energy policy should be led by experts

Text of a speech given by Prospect general secretary Mike Clancy at Prospect's Energy Summit in Westminster on 4th April 2019 

We need certainty on Brexit – this deal does not provide it

When the Prime Minister announced last week that she had concluded the text of a Withdrawal Agreement with the European Union, it should have brought some much-needed clarity to the Brexit process. Instead it has brought more chaos and confusion.

Modern unions and a new capitalism needed to solve the productivity puzzle

On the surface, yesterday’s trade union membership statistics appeared to give a welcome boost to the labour movement, with a 19,000 increase in membership last year.

How to communicate what unions really do

Being asked what you do for a living is, for a trade unionist, an opportunity and a challenge. It’s most fascinating when it arises in social situations where the person asking the question may have their own superficial but often well-established view of unions.

A defining year ahead for Prospect members

Predictions of political and economic variables keep a lot of people in employment. But when daily events are laden with the sensational or the extraordinary, news cycles become shorter and probably so too does our attention span. Choices and events that we may regard as significant are rapidly overtaken by...

4 challenges for BEIS now the reshuffle is over

Now that the reshuffle is over, focus can return to the challenges facing the country in 2018. This is an uncertain time for jobs, investment and business. A lot rests on Brexit and ensuring confidence in both the government’s handling of negotiations and any future trading relationships.  Stagnant wages, which...

We have reached a tipping point on Brexit and pay

Prospect is known for its measured, evidence-based approaches, focused on putting members first and retaining our political independence.

Why it’s time for a New Deal for UK Nuclear

UK nuclear is at a crossroads. On the one hand it faces immense challenges in the form of Brexit, concerns over new build, a lack of leadership from government and a potentially serious skills shortfall. On the other hand, there are huge economic opportunities – if we can seize them. ...