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Mike Clancy

Mike Clancy

Time to recognise – and value – our public servants

The terrible events at Grenfell Tower in West London provided yet another reminder of the heroism of the people who work in our emergency services.

Election: we need to talk about nuclear power

A perfect storm is casting a shadow over the nuclear industry, yet the issue remains largely ignored in the general election. Given the scale of challenges facing the UK with Brexit, renewing our energy infrastructure and meeting our climate targets, this is worrying. It is also why our politicians need...

Speaking up for Prospect members across the political spectrum

Prospect general secretary Mike Clancy will be talking about the future of trade unions at a Demos/Conservative Workers and Trade Unionists conference on Saturday 11 March.

Prospect’s three Rs: responsive, relentless and resilient

Our core values will help members navigate the political and economic uncertainties ahead, says general secretary Mike Clancy.

Searching for substance in a world where myths prevail

“Too often… we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought,” said US president John F Kennedy in 1962. Fast forward 55 years. Opinion has never been more readily available, and inconvenient facts more readily ignored.

Politically Independent … Politically Influential...

In the aftermath of the EU referendum, the resulting performances across the political spectrum have reinforced for me, that Prospect’s party political independence is one of our biggest strengths. 

Prospect’s guarantee: we have your concerns at heart

This is one of the most divisive and challenging periods ever seen in UK politics. Whichever way you personally chose to vote (if you voted) there is probably someone you know who voted the opposite way. The challenge for the United Kingdom now will be to pull together and create...

History is a great teacher

This morning I also shared with Conference a powerful evocation of trade unionism from Martin Luther King in 1968, which is as resonant today: