Garry Graham

Garry Graham

Protecting our critical public services

Later today, Prospect’s biennial national conference will be debating a range of motions related to social and public policy.

Where is the defence industrial strategy for the UK?

Defence is in the news and the defence budget is under increased pressure. Whilst journalists have focused on potential cuts to the front line and spats between the new Defence Secretary and Chancellor, too little attention has been paid to the role of defence as a UK industrial sector.

Public sector pay back in the spotlight ahead of the budget

The Chancellor needs to provide clarity and set out clear proposals on pay for the civil service and the wider public sector as part of the budget. Civil servants can be forgiven for being cynical as to what the government’s position is on pay. Carefully crafted statements seem designed to...

Civil servants: manifestos light on detail for this vital sector

The future of civil servants may not rank highly alongside traditional election issues, such as schools and the NHS. Yet the work they do makes a huge difference to people’s lives, not least because of the role the civil service will have in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

Running down the civil service is no way to run Brexit

The UK will enter negotiations with one hand tied behind its back unless it addresses concerns over civil service capacity and workloads.